Friday, July 4, 2008

The Quran - Practicing sex while the quran was being revealed?

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 136:
Narrated Jabir:
We used to practice coitus interrupt us while the Quran was being revealed. Jabir added: We used to practice coitus interrupt us during the lifetime of Allah's Apostle while the Quran was being Revealed.

1) Why is the quran holy if people practiced having sex while it was being delivered?
2) Shouldnt this mean that all muslims (men and women) also practice having sex while the quran is being revealed?
3) Does Bukhari purposely put this hadith in here to show that any izznat by Jabir cannot be trusted?
a) In other words, wouldn't it be better to find religious advice from someone who is not a sexual libertine?
4) If the koran was compiled after Mohammad's death, and recited while people were practicing having sex, then wouldnt the authenticity of the quran come into question, as people's minds would be more on sex as opposed to remembering quran surahs?


yasir said...

seems like you are really into this. however, you really need to learn arabic and refer to the original text of hadith in arabic since the translated versions may be misleading and cause misunderstandings. from my observation of your 'analysis', most your questions that arise are due to misunderstanding of the hadith, when the real meaning as in the original arabic text is far away from what you understood. this also applies to other posts.

hhashmo said...


please provide the correct translation -- it is easy to criticize and not prove your complaint.


Anonymous said...

to understand the Quran and Hadith, it isn't very fruitful to analyse it in the way you do. Allah SWT says in the Quran that it is guidence for the people who have piety, not intellectuals. People with strong fear of Allah recieve devine guidence. Allah SWT says in the quran the the heart sees, and the ability for you to understand will be equal to how pure your heart is.

The Quran and Hadith deal with a lot of spiritual issues. In the Quran Allah SWT says that he hasn't given any knowledge of the soul and he has only given a little knowledge. You are trying to analyse the Quran using your limited capabilities, and only a little knowledge.

There is a Hadith that states that the heart is either dominated by the shaytan or the angels. Whoever's heart is dominated by the angels sees things how they are, and recieves devine guidence, and whoever's heart is dominated by shaytan only gets tricked and confused.

Ask Allah with sincerity to guide you. Fear the hell fire that has been made for disbelievers, and insha-Allah all your confusion will disappear, and you will reach a clarity in life that you have never had

Anonymous said...

The government of Turkey is presently working night and day to remove ridiculous and moronic hadiths. Do you ask your wife to breastfeed men so they may have your permission to talk to them?
Your idiotic prophet said that and smiled. Face it, he was a fraud.

hhashmo said...

if the Gov't of Turkey is removing hadith, does that mean they are changing the religion? Have they now become kaffir?