Friday, March 13, 2009

Latest abortion techniques and causes of blindness

Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 528:
Narrated 'Aisha:
The Prophet ordered that a short-tailed or mutilated-tailed snake (i.e. Abtar) should be killed, for it blinds the on-looker and causes abortion."

In an ever growing query into the Islamic world, pro-choice advocates have been importing short-tailed or mutilated tail snakes to encourage abortion of their clients.

It is clear that western medicine highly respects Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and have been finding His (PBUH) cures and medical knowledge invaluable. Afterall, camel urine is one of the hottest selling commodities, as are fly wings.

However, the biggest problem with doctors using this abortion technique is that it may cause some of the patients or doctors (who are onlookers) blindness.

So ultimately the question that needs to be asked is: How does one kill a snake without becoming an onlooker so as not to cause blindness?

Once again, chief Muslim scientists are at it again. [The last great invention Muslim scientists was the Jinn catcher - aka the Muslim dream catcher -]

The Muslim scientists have now come up with the "mutilated snake viewer" aka the Eye clops. The Eye Clops is an infrared scanner that is used to spot the scarring tissue of snakes to see if the snake is a short-tailed or mutilated snake. All over the nation of Islam, there is an army of mutilated snake catchers, that operate in the same manner as the Iranian fashion police (Muslim women making sure the Hijab's are worn properly

These Muslim snake catchers patrol the streets looking for mutilated snakes with their infrared googles, and catch them without ever having to look at them. After catching them, they import them to pro choice doctors, or kill them using their infrared googles so as not to become blind.

Once again, the wisdom of Islam inspires our world, and Mohammad (PBUH) provides wisdom that can only truly be attributed to being Allah's Apostle.

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