Sunday, June 7, 2009

Women are dirtier than dirt!

Noble Quran 4:43

SHAKIR: O you who believe! do not go near prayer when you are Intoxicated until you know (well) what you say, nor when you are under an obligation to perform a bath-- unless (you are) travelling on the road-- until you have washed yourselves; and if you are sick, or on a journey, or one of you come from the privy or you have touched the women, and you cannot find water, betake yourselves to pure earth, then wipe your faces and your hands; surely Allah is Pardoning, Forgiving.

1) Women are placed in the same category as: going to the privy, being sick or going on a journey, to illustrate dirtiness.
a) Why did Allah reveal this?
b) Is this because women are deficient in intelligence (the reason why the value of a man's testimony is twice as much as a woman's)?
c) Is it because women are the biggest affliction to men?
d) Is this why Mohammad (PBUH) could tell women that they could only become Muslim if the shaved their palms?

2) Why do Muslim women take this?
a) Why dont western feminists say anything against the Quran and hadith when it denigrates women?
b) Is it because both sides know that Allah, most noble, most wise, did create women as something that is ultimately dirty and worthless???


ali said...

u spend all this time writing this instead of researching. Go and look up the answers as you have looked up the questions.

hhashmo said...

provide me with the answer. it is typical muslim answer to not provide the answer.

Anonymous said...

"touching the women" means having sexual intercourse with them. After having sexual intercourse both women and men have to cleanse. If you were a muslim you would be familiar with the meaning of "touching women". Do proper research if you really want to educate people.

Anonymous said...

There nothing wrong with that verse, i mean 4:43. The verse tell you when you can pray and when you cant!!!
The verse does not denigrate the woman at all.

Hadiths that's different story. Personally i don't believe those hadiths that ridicule the woman, and I'm strongly convinced that those words are not prophet Muhammad words.
Allah gave the equal rights to man to the woman!!! Why should a prophet that's speaks the Gods word, go against the God and take their rights!!!
What happen i believe that after his death , many people could not accept the fact that Islam made the woman equal to man, so they came up with the idea to use prophet Muhammad's name to achieve their goals.
If these hadiths would be attributed to other people rather than Muhammad , no one would even consider to read then, and not believe them. But because they are attributed to prophet Muhammad , this changes everything, "prophet said that", not some Bedouin guy!!!
But some Muslims would rather believe crazy thinks than use their brains to understand that these hadiths are fake and invented to manipulate the truth.