Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mohammad and the 10 Commandments

Mohammad (PBUH) managed to break all 10 Commandments. Here is a recap:

1. I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other Gods before me.

2. You shall not make any false idols

3. You shall not take the name of God in vain.

4. Keep Holy the Lord's day.

5. Honor your Father and Mother.

6. You shall not kill.

7. You shall not commit adultery.

8. You shall not steal.

9. You shall not bear false witness before your neighbour.

10. You shall not covet your neighbour's wife, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

Exodus 20:2-17

So the question is, why is Mohammad (PBUH) holy?


Robert Sievers said...

Thank you so much for this series. Putting the relevent Hadith and biographical excepts together as you have really hits home in a new way.

hhashmo said...

Thank-you for reading!

mike said...

Robert, I must say you made a valiant attempt to prove your invalid point. I am not sure if you are intentionally misleading your readers or if you yourself are too stuck in your mode of thinking that you cannot realize that your logic is off and your evidence is not comprehensive. Good luck confusing yourself

Robert Sievers said...

To the author of this blog, let me again say well done. I notice it has been over a year, and not one Muslim has been able to refute even one of your ten posts. Not one has even tried.