Thursday, April 24, 2008

King Sulaiman sided withIblis (the devil) over Mohammad?

I am going to depart from Sahih Bukhari today, to ask questions about Sahih Muslim

Sahih Muslim
Book 004, Number 1106:

Abu Darda' reported: Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) stood up (to pray) and we heard him say:" I seek refuge in Allah from thee." Then said:" curse thee with Allah's curse" three times, then he stretched out his hand as though he was taking hold of something. When he finished the prayer, we said: Messenger of Allah, we heard you say something during the prayer which we have not heard you say before, and we saw you stretch out your hand. He replied: Allah's enemy Iblis came with a flame of fire to put it in my face, so I said three times:" I Seek refuge in Allah from thee." Then I said three times:" I curse thee with Allah's full curse." But he did not retreat (on any one of these) three occasions. Thereafter I meant to seize him. I swear by Allah that had it not been for the supplication of my brother Sulaiman he would have been bound, and made an object of sport for the children of Medina.

1) Why did Solomon stop Mohammad from fighting Iblis?
2)Why would Solomon and Iblis be on the same side?
3)Why does Iblis come to Mohammad during prayer?
4) Isnt Allah's name supposed to strike fear into the hearts of demons (i.e. Iblis)?
a) If so, why didn’t Iblis leave?
5) Why did not the other Muslims see what was happenning?
6) If this did in fact happen to Mohammad, then, shouldnt muslims consider that almost everything he did occured in a dream-like state, like his night vision to Jerusalem (and praying at the non-existant Temple in Jerusalem, which had been destroyed 5 centuries earlier)?
7) Ultimately, where does one draw the line between reality and fiction in Islam?

Once again, could Sahih Muslim have included this line in attempt to ridicule Mohammad's religion?

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