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Romantic lines to say when making love to your wife

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 493:

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:The Prophet said, "If anyone of you, when having sexual relation with his wife, say: 'In the name of Allah. O Allah! Protect us from Satan and prevent Satan from approaching our offspring you are going to give us,' and if he begets a child (as a result of that relation) Satan will not harm it."

And just remember, the Quran was revealed while the first Muslims would practice having sex.

1) When Muslims say Mohammad is about love, do they mean love making?
2) Do Muslims say this line when they have sex with their wives?
a) If Muslims don't say this, could this be a reason why the devil lives in Muslim noses?

Sahih Muslim 2: 462: Abu Huraira reported: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) said. When any one of you awakes up from sleep and performs ablution, he must clean his nose three times, for the devil spends the night in the interior of his nose.

b) Is this why Allah's Apostle had a devil attached to him, because his father, Abdallah (slave to Allah before Mohammad brought Allah - more proof that Allah was already worshipped in Mecca before Mohammad) did not say those lines when he conceived the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon to him)

Sahi MuslimBook 039, Number 6759: A'isha the wife of Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him), reported that one day Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) came out of her (apartment) during the night and she felt jealous. Then he came and he saw me (in what agitated state of mind) I was. He said: A'isha, what has happened to you? Do you feel jealous? Thereupon she said: How can it he (that a woman like me) should NOT feel jealous in regard to a husband like you. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: It was your devil who had come to you, and she said: Allah's Mes- senger, is there along with me a devil? He said: Yes. I said: Is devil attached to everyone? He said: Yes. I (Aisha) again said: Allah's Messenger, is it with you also? He said: Yes, but my Lord has helped me against him and as such I am ab solutely safe from his mischief.

c) What is the story of Mohammad's conception?
i) Why don't Muslims know this story? It truly is a beautiful story where a prostitute, who was also a soothsayer (someone dabbling in a Satanic cult) saw a light in Abdallah's face (Mohammad's father (may peace be upon him)) and wanted Abdallah to impregnate her. The following passages describe how Abdallah came to be - he was spared where his father, Abdul Muttalib cast divining arrows for Allah to spare his son's life, and then sacrifieced many camels:

Ishaq:67 "When Abdul Muttalib had ten sons grown to maturity and he knew that they would protect him, he told them of his vow, and called on them to keep faith with Allah in this matter. They expressed their obedience, and asked what they should do. He replied, 'Let every one of you take an arrow, write his name on it, and bring it to me.' They did this, and he went into the presence of Hubal in the interior of the Ka'aba. Hubal was the greatest of the idols of Quraysh in Mecca."

Tabari VI:2 "By Allah! You shall never sacrifice him but you must get an excuse for not doing so. There is a sorceress who has a familiar spirit; ask her, and you will know what to do. If she commands you to sacrifice him, you will sacrifice him, and if she commands you to do something which offers relief to you and to him, you can accept it. So they went to Medina where they discovered that the sorceress had moved to Khaybar. They rode until they reached her. She said, 'Retire from me until my familiar spirit visits me and I can ask him. Abdul Muttalib stood and prayed to Allah. On the following day they went back. She said, 'Yes! News has come to me. How much is the blood-money among you.' They replied, 'Ten camels.' She said, 'Bring forward the young man and ten camels, and cast arrows. If they fall against the boy, add camels until your Lord is satisfied.'"

Tabari VI:5 "They returned to Mecca when they had all agreed on the matter, Abdul Muttalib stood and prayed to Allah inside the Ka'aba beside Hubal. The arrows fell against Abdallah, so they added ten camels, making twenty. With Muttalib standing and praying to Allah they went on this way ten times. Each time the arrows fell against Abdallah. Abdul Muttalib stood beside Hubal in the interior of the Ka'aba, calling upon Allah. The custodian of the arrows took and cast them, and the lot fell against Abdallah. So Muttalib took Abdallah by the hand. He grabbed a large knife. Then he went up to the idols Isaf and Nailah [the fornicating stones] who Quraysh used to slaughter their sacrifices, to sacrifice Abdullah.Your Lord is satisfied at last. The camels were slaughtered and left there. No man or wild beast was turned back from eating them."

And now for the moment of truth - Mohammad's conceptions:

"Abdul Muttalib took Abdallah by the hand. It is alleged they passed by Umm Qattal bt. Abd al-Uzza [Slave-to-the-goddess-al-Uzza], the sister of Waraqa [the Hanif]. She was by the Ka'aba. When she looked at his face she said, 'Where are you going, Abdallah? I have seen many camels slaughtered for you, so sleep with me now.'"

Tabari VI:6 "It is alleged that he consummated his marriage to her there as soon as he married her, that he lay with her and that she conceived Muhammad; then he left her presence and came to the woman who had propositioned him, and said to her, 'Why do you not make the same proposition to me today which you made to me yesterday?'" (To which she replied) "The light which was with you yesterday has left you, and I have no need of you today. She had heard about this from her brother Waraqa bin Nawfal, who was a [Hanif turned] Christian and had studied the scriptures; he had discovered that a prophet from the descendants of Ishmael was to be sent to this people; this had been one of the purposes of his study."

So there you have it:

Prophet Mohammad's father did not say the words above, and as such, The Holy Prophet Mohammad (may peace be unto him) admittedly had a devil attached to him. That is why, as anonymous blogger so vehemently pointed out to me, that jinn means devils in Arabic ( [S/he also wanted to be read by millions - i wish him or her good luck], and that is why the holy Prophet may have liked the company of nice Jinns (or devils according to the aforementioned anonymous blogger)

d) Does Bukhari include this verse to instruct Muslims on how to make love to their wife(wives) so that they may have children that wont be harmed by Satan?

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